If you have received a damaged or faulty item, or even an incorrect item, please contact us submitting a request including:

  • your order number
  • a brief description of the issue
  • photos for illustrating the damage / mistake.

This way we can identify the issue and make sure to assist you in the fastest possible way, as well as prevent this issue from reoccurring.

Please do not return a faulty item without first being in touch with our Customer Care team.


According to the Consumer Purchases Act, as a consumer, you should make a claim within a reasonable time as soon as you have discovered the defect. Manufacturer defects detected on products within a reasonable time, up to one year, are counted as claims. The defect must be due to an error in production.

Damage due to wear and tear, are not approved as claims.

Each claim is processed manually and investigated individually, so please allow 14-20 business days for your claim to be completely processed. 


*Unauthorised claims are returned to the sender.

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