When buying a jumpsuit it's best to buy according to your height, this is because our unisex styles are made to have a comfortable fit and it's based on the height in the chart below.


XXS:  158-168cm (5ft1 - 5ft5)

XS: 164-174cm (5ft3 - 5ft6½)

S: 170-180cm (5ft5 - 5ft8)

M: 176-186cm (5ft7 - 6ft)

L: 180-190cm (5ft9 - 6ft2)

XL: 184-195cm (6ft - 6ft4)


As you see it's overlapping, and this is for example if you are 185 cm tall, but if you weigh 75 kg. According to the height you are a size L, but because you're then quite slim, the size M would be a better fit, so you'd be a tall M.


If it's your first time buying, it's maybe good to stick to the smaller of the two sizes you are considering, because most of our first-time customers that return a product do so mostly because it's too large. 

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